Monday, April 5, 2010

Tractor Supply

I must admit....I have a love affair with Tractor Supply...  I can't help it....  there's just something about a feed store that makes my heart go pitter-patter LOL...
Anyway...I made the mistake of going there today.  I had only intended to get Chick Grower/Starter.  Truly.  That's all I was going to get.  Okay...fine.  I admit it.  I knew they probably had chicks and I wanted to look...  and maybe just get one.   One.  That's all.
They had chicks...lots of them.  The minimum you could purchase was six. Soooooooooo, I now have six Rhode Island Red hens to go with my four Black Australorps.  Only ten chicks.  That's not much.  And they will lay brown eggs, too.  :D
I did get one more thing.  Some chapstick.  I have a thing for chapstick and lipgloss.  Especially chapstick/lipgloss with a catchy name.  And yeah, this chapstick has a catchy name.  It's called Chicken Poop.  LOL....LOVE IT!  And it's FREE RANGE Chicken Poop...which we all know makes it better.
It's manufactured by Simone Chickenbone.  They have the coolest products!!  Lotion called Good Gravey...and a de-funkifier called Kill It Dead....I just love creatively named products... they make me drool....  :D
Go here to check 'em out:

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