Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Barn Has Doors! :)

I think the barn doors were finished around the end of February or first of March....(which is why it still looks like winter in the picture)  and I'm just now getting them on....

Don't they look great??  ;)

Darren got the bottom doors on with the help of the kids.  When it came time to put the top door in place, he requested my help..... MY help....the one who is afraid of heights and does not like to get a foot from the edge cause it makes me queasy.  Nor do I like to see the kids sitting on the edge, as a matter of fact.  Anyway, I say, "I'm on it"....The plan was...I'd go up in the loft (just my luck) and hold onto the rope that is tied around a stick so I can get a better hold on it...and brace myself ..while he stands on a ladder hefting the door...I pull, he pushes.....  Nice...just as long as I don't go sliding out the opening with the door and land on top of him and the ladder, right??  Anyway, the adventure's going okay until the door slips out of his superhero instinct kicked in and pulled hard on the rope so the door wouldn't drop suddenly and hit him in the head.  I'm thinking it's a good thing I like him...there are many times when his poor life has depended on me....the truck...the barn door hoisting.... ;)   Anyway, thankfully, the peril was all over in a matter of seconds or a minutes..  We got it up the front of the barn and into the opening.  I'm good with it staying shut.  I just know if I go to open it, it will swing out and take me with it or something and I'll be dangling in the middle of the air, clutching the barn door, screaming for my life... shiver....I sooo do not like heights....LOL.....

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