Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We are in the process of getting new countertops....  I'm excited.  Gone are the days of my mauvish/purplish backsplash tiles ....gone are the days of the chipped tiles on the edges where Isaac got a little happy with my mini scrapbook hammer....(btw...the guy who measured for the new countertops said he had never seen anyone put tiles on the edge of laminate countertops...who knows what the installers were thinking??)  At any rate, in order to install the countertops, we have to have the tiles and old countertops off before they come tomorrow.  Darren said he would do this and took a couple off last night.  I walked by this a.m. and saw the tools lying there....tempting me...to pick them up and play with them.  I was only going to do one....just to try my hand at it.  Well, the tiles are all off now.  Look...I've been painting for weeks...painstakingly trying to avoid getting paint everywhere...well, okay...maybe not painstakingly...I forgot you've seen pics of that ....  So, forget that I said that....nonetheless, painting is not an aggressive sport.  Taking a paint tool and a hammer and prying off tiles - well, that's a horse of a whole nother color....   I found it immensely satisfying.... I'd like to move up to something more aggressive to work off some frustration...but alas, we have no need of a wrecking ball.  But, I'm not shortchanging the hammer....not by far.  It is a most useful tool... so, I can't drive a nail in straight!?!?!  I no longer care!!  As of today, the hammer is now considered part of my arsenal.  There is a job it performs well when in my hand....  :)

 The old countertops....here today....gone tomorrow....  :)

Okay....that was fun.....  yee-haw, baby!!  :D

Okay...so, there's was that hunk of dry wall (is that what that is??)  that came out with that piece....Darren might not be impressed with that one....  but all is well...the new backsplash will cover it, right??  ;)

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  1. I thought your old countertops looked good. I can't wait to see the new ones!!