Sunday, April 4, 2010

be forewarned....i feel another transparent post coming on.......just gotta get my farm girl thing done.....i'll be back.....  <3

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  1. michelle---i know exactly what you have felt and what you feel now. for so long last summer through one ordeal after another; {that i felt was a growing period in alot of lives}, I felt as though i was literally hugged up in the arms of GOD. then not too long ago i had a crushing blow to my heart that sent me whirling into darkness like never before; i knew all the time God was still holding me and the Holy Spirit will always be in my heart. But that moment for a few hours the devil took my deep hurt and used me to say some really harsh things to God. it was a valley i thought i would never come out of and didn't want to; we as christians have to be very careful that we don't offend the Holy Spirit; HE IS AFTER ALL THE PERSON JESUS LEFT BEHIND WHEN HE WENT BACK TO BE WITH THE FATHER TO COMFORT AND WALK DAILY WITH US TO CONSTANTLY 24-7 DIRECT OUR PATH IF WE LISTEN TO HIM. well i just wanted to die at that moment and end the hurt, what i succeeded in doing was putting myself in a place where i have had to try to direct my own path; and that never works. even had to go to the doctor for the first time in years for medication to deal with the depression, which has caused more problems. so long story short; in the early hours of the night last night, i talked with God for a long time and came to the conclusion----since i had decided i knew what i needed and didnt listen quietly to the leadership of the Holy Spirit i now have to come back to Him step by step--see what your mind dwells on is what you are; for real. so i have to get back to reading my Bible often, listening to gospel music that praises the name of Jesus, and and GETTING ON MY KNEES IN PRAYER AGAIN. i spent alot of time doing all that last summer and came through the fire in the arms of GOD. church is US and how we live each day is how strong the body of the whole church will be when we meet together. when my mind and heart is totally on things of worshiping God i can walk in anywhere and feel the bond with other worshipers. you are on your way back to complete fellowship with THE GOOD SHEPHERD. it has to start IN YOUR HEART AND IT WILL SPILL OVER TO DARREN AND THE CHILDREN. SOON YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ASK GOD TO LEAD YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WHEREEVER HE WANTS YOU TO MEET WITH HIS FAMILY {YOUR FAMILY} IN CHRIST AND YOU WILL FEEL AT EASE AND FULL OF THE PEACE AND JOY ONLY CHRIST CAN GIVE. I LOVE YOU