Monday, April 12, 2010

Panic Mode

I am a list maker.  Lists make me happy.  They lay everything out all nice and neat so that you have a firm grasp on all you have to do...or want to look up.....or want to purchase....or want to remember.....etc.  At any rate, usually those lists just keep me in steady mind of the things I need to accomplish.  They are helpful.  NOT this week!!!  The little thing keeps hitting my panic button - I hear the sound of the warning bell going off repeatedly - the red light is flashing over and over and - AGH!!  I hate it when everything on the list has a deadline for the week you are in.  Okay...some of those deadlines may be self-imposed...but still.....    ;)  I could hardly go to sleep last night for the vile thing playing over and over in my head....that's when mental instant replay comes in handy tho.....that's when you gotta summon up all those happy thoughts and play them over and over in your head until you can manage to smile and drift off to sleep...which worked out pretty well till this morning...and the bells and lights started again....LOL.....wish me luck, fair readers....   :)

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