Saturday, April 24, 2010


While I was busy helping the kids plant their garden boxes a couple of Saturdays ago, Darren stayed busy cutting down trees.  Most of our land is wooded...we'd like to clear a little more of it off so we'd have more garden space.  We decided quite of few of these could go as they tend to shade the lower portion of the garden too much in the summer.  You know what this is a picture of, don't you?  It might look like just a bunch of felled trees, but I tell you - it's more than that....much's work.  Lots of that they are all on the ground, they've got to be cut and split and then hauled.  And you know I just love moving wood piles....  :)

It was all going pretty smoothly till the last couple of pines.....  one in particular.  The one that stood 60-70 ft - head held high in the clouds...a proud pine...full of sap....the one that stood close to the right side of the house...a little too close.  I decided to stay outside and watch just in case....just in case I needed to run the kids out of the house.  Just in case I needed to call 911.  When he started cutting, the tree lovingly leaned toward the house.  Or was it maliciously leaning?  I don't know....  who really knows when it comes to trees?  At any rate, Darren asked me to call his dad and tell him to bring his chains and come along.  So, I promptly called and told the kids to please make their way outside to stand in a safe place.  (you know I was sweating...I mean, what if that tree hit the house and messed up a perfectly new paint job on the inside walls?!?!?!? LOL)

With the help of his dad, they managed to get the tree to fall away from the house.... thankfully...and the adventure was over.....

I have to tell you that I absolutely love the trees surrounding our house....but there just isn't anything like the sound of a tree 60 or 70 feet tall coming swooshing through the air and hitting the ground.  Love that sound...

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