Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Goats!!!!

My sweet goat, Sugar, gave birth to two beautiful babies on March 29th!  They are so unbelievably adorable....  we weren't here for the birth...or maybe we were?  Someone was here measuring my kitchen for new countertops (yay!!)  and I had to wait to go outside.  When I got around to the farm chores that day, I spied a cute little shiny black baby beside Sugar in the woods....  Yay!!  So, I ran inside, got the camera and the kids (my two-legged ones) and ran back outside!!  They were already dry and walking around.  It never fails to amaze me how quickly baby goats are hopping and skipping after birth.  Their little long legs propel them up in the air and into cute little twirls.
The black one is a girl, named Raven.  Thunder, the brown one, is a boy.  I was delighted to find that we have a girl!  Hopefully, she will grow up to be a good milker.  :) 

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