Friday, July 11, 2014

A Wii Cake for My Little Gamer Niece

I was excited to get a request for a Wii cake....complete with a controller and a game!

The console is complete cake.

The controller is fondant covered rice krispy treat.

The game is fondant only.


Skylanders Birthday Cake

This is a smaller Skylanders Cake ....  the figures appeared before my eyes in the fondant! ;)

Giant Cupcakes! Nomnomnom

These giant cupcakes were SO much fun to make!! The bottom is made with melted candy wafers painted on the inside of the cupcake mold bottom.  You then sit it in the fridge to let it harden and it slides right now. I love the look of a sleek clean cupcake "liner" and the icing flowers on top.

I wanted this one to resemble a basket of flowers instead of a cupcake!

And this is the Diva cake! Feathers, bling, jewels, flowers, and sparkles...

In love with the way this flower turned out...  <3 alt="" class="spotlight" height="480" img="" src="" width="640">

A Rubber Ducky Cake Meets.....the Mafia!

I had an order for a rubber ducky themed cake. I was instructed to make it however I wanted. Since it was for a man, I thought I would steer away from the typical rubber duckies in a tub theme.  Then it came to me... Mafia Rubber Duckies!

These ducks mean business...right down to their cigars, fedoras, and Tommy Gun.  The "Boss" obviously doesn't *wish* him a happy birthday, but insists that he does. ;)


Skylanders Confectionery

When my sweet little love asked for a Skylanders cake for his birthday, of course my response was, yes, love!  Followed by a trail of sweat sneaking down my temples as the thought of shaping Skylanders figures with fondant snaked its way through my brain.
I found the figures he wanted and began studying them. And sweating some more. And eventually decided to just dive in...
This is what I can up with!
I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures...

This is a picture of the game piece and the fondant figure that I made. I think it turned out pretty well!


Angry Birds...Happy Tummy

This is probably one of my favorite cakes that I've made....loved shaping the birds and piggies!


It's Mario! in a cake....

During my hiatus from bloggng, I was heavily immersed in cake baking.  I got an order for a Mario themed cake and couldn't wait to get to work!  I loved playing Mario as a child. It's really the only game I can claim any "fame" to.  And since I was the second born, I never actually got to be Mario...I was always Luigi.
However, years later all of that Luigi play helped me experience one of the greatest moments of motherhood....I totally RULED when I played old school Mario against my gamer son.  He was in awe of his mother's superior talent. I may have embellished there a bit, but you get the picture! MOM was on FIRE! :D

Can't forget the mushroom guy and coin blocks!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Froggy Went A'Courting and He Did Ride...Mmmm, Hhmmm

Have you heard that song?  My daddy used to sing it when I was a child.

Well, I had some very photogenic froggies show up in my backyard. They must have all been getting ready for some serious courting that night because they were taking time to just chill by the pool and relax all day.

Talking over their plans for the night.... where's the best place to find bugs...most moonlight for romantic endeavors... where all the girls will know...frog stuff....

This brave fellow climbed up on my hand for some one on one counseling. He's shy sometimes and misses his chance to chat with the ladies.... I assured him that the right one would love him for his quiet, gentle nature.

The other guy.. yeah, him.... he hadn't a care in the world. Super sure of himself and ready to begin the night!

The next guy, you could call the thinker.  His date will be well thought out and complete with flowers, wine, and a nice dinner. He's got it all covered, baby. Hmmm.... now what shall he wear?  Tails and a top hat, perhaps?

The last guy represented here is the one who is so scared he'll actually see a girl and she'll try to talk to him that he can't pry his little sticky fingers from the cold hard wood. Shiver!! just the thought!!! 


My Son, the Incredibly Enormously Super Cute Human Bobble Head

So, my son was holding this darling little kitten and I was snapping pictures from all directions because ...HELLO?!?!?!?!  cute kid + kitten = slobbering, glaze eyed adorableness!!  As I was looking back through my pictures, I found this. THIS.PICTURE. One of my favorite EVER pictures. I get a sugar high every time I look at it.

Can you even stand the cuteness?!?!?! I can't quit looking.

The Making of a Simple Spindle

Notice the title of this post says, "the making of a simple spindle"...NOT, the SIMPLE making of a spindle. Because, you can run into problems making a simple spindle...that's all I'm going to say.

So, the lady who shared her knowledge of shearing with me also shared her knowledge of spinning. She spins her sheep's wool and makes super cute things with it. If I'm going to shear my sheep, then HECK, YEAH~ I wanna spin it, too!

It's actually incredibly easy in just need a dowel with a sharp point, a round disk, and a hook. See?  EASY!

But then you introduce to the equation and it becomes a bit more complicated.

I don't know how to use all those Dremel, jigsaw, etc, etc cutting tools (some day I DO plan to learn, though) so, I decided to go to Lowes and get one of those handy dandy things that you put on the end of your drill and it cuts a circle. How freaking cool is that???  It CUTS a circle out of wood using your drill. I love it!

I pick up my dowel, hook, and circle cutter thing and head home all in a flurry of excitement and relentless anticipation.

Look how beautifully the circle cutter fits on the drill. So exciting!  So, I found this big ole board (I only needed a very small circle...don't ask me why I needed such a large board.)  I even have safety glasses. Because, you first, loves.

Front view because I find it amazing that you can cut circles with a drill.

I begin cutting the circle and I'm all excited and then the dang drill battery dies. So, right in the middle of my euphoria, I have to stop and recharge the drill. The horror!!!  FINALLY, I get the cicle cut completely out, start to insert my dowel and dang if the hole isn't too small. BUT, all is not lost as I am most conveniently holding a drill!

 I insert the drill bit into the hole, and start drilling to enlarge the hole and OH.MY.GAH. my drill bit got stuck in the circle. REALLY??

I pulled. I tugged. I reverse drilled to back it out. I leaned it on the edge of the table and yanked. I slang worded it. I got one of my children to hold it while I pulled. It WOULD not come off. Ridiculous. Ab-so-lute-ly ridiculous. 

I tried everything. Finally, someone told me to stand on the wood and reverse drill and it worked and I wasn't stuck with a drilled bitted circle. :)

I inserted the dowel into the circle, put in the hook, and VOILA!  A bona fide, handmade spindle!  LOVE~~

Now, to sharpen the end, wash some wool, and get to spinning!