Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

I was out doing my daily farm girl chores this morning and had a very unique experience!
We have a mobile chicken pen that is maybe three feet high with a removable top. It holds our banty chickens. One of those banty chickens happens to be my arch nemesis...a little attacking rooster who gave me much grief till I gave him a sound whack with a stick. (I'll share the story of that calculating little whip later...)...anyway, I had removed the top so I could fill the water container. When I did a female cardinal got caught inside the pen and couldn't get out. Guess who jumped in after her? A vicious little bird hunting terror..aka, our kitten. The kitten pounced, the bird shrieked in terror and with no thought for being cooped up in a three foot pen with my arch nemesis, I jumped in and rescued the little bird from the clutches of death. How cool .... I was holding a songbird in my hand...much better than two in a bush :) I got Jacob to take a couple of pictures before she wiggled and flew away with an awesome story to tell her friends. She left me with quite a story too.

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