Monday, September 21, 2009

Grace and Mercy

We had such sweet services at church was those kind that convict you, fill you, awe you....

I was reminded of the grace and mercy of God....reminded that not only did He, in one act of dying on the cross, forgive us and offer salvation...but He forgives us daily.  It amazes me that the God who created the universe, and the God who offered His only Son to die for my sins, and the Son who did die for me....that He could continue to love me.  I've had issues with that over the years...I have felt like when I've sinned that it was like stealing a cookie from the cookie jar...well, if you do that, I've reasoned, you have no right to ask anything of God ....I have felt that in order to feel free to talk to Him, I must be perfect.  I've experienced much angst in one on earth has the capacity for will drive you nuts to try to attain it.  You end up feeling defeated and decide to try to wing it on your own....which never, never works.  I was reminded yesterday that God loves is unconditional.  If and when I mess up, He doesn't look at me and say "You're not perfect...I don't love you anymore."  He forgives me and loves me...that amazes me.  I have been reminded to not judge others not pick at their sins and think I'm above it.  No one is truly above any sin...just given the right opportunity and a moment of weakness and you're as game as the next person.  We're all human...all made of the same flesh...all striving daily to live in a world so saturated with sin it seems to drip on us ...  but we also serve a God who is able, capable, willing, wanting to rescue us...He does want us to see our sin and run from it.  He wants to forgive us when we veer too far...He wants us to be in communication with Him.  Allow me to remind you as I remind myself that His mercy and grace are far-reaching...He isn't waiting to slap you with the cuffs and condemn you to solitary confinement....He is waiting with out-stretched arms, to forgive you, comfort you, love matter what you've done...His mercy is everlasting.....

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  1. this blog was as good as last nights service, i honestly could feel the love of our SAVIOUR in those words, and when we come to the place to love Psalms 23; like you say; "every dripping word" of it and just jump like a baby with its mama waiting in the pool--and know she "HE" in psalms 23; will be there, and MAKE you do what you did done FOR YOURSELF++++you can rest at ease in every situation. i've somewhat learned that in the past 5 months.