Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Poem....

A little background...I use to LOVE to go sit on a pier at the river alone and write poetry...there were trees all around...the sound of the water lapping against the wood...the sky above...perfect backdrop for a girl who enjoyed(s) thinking and writing...don't get around to doing that much nowadays with a family but I do remember those times with the upmost fondness....

the water ripples softly
almost seductively
as the gentle breeze blows
   like kisses on my neck....
the guarding arm of the oak
hovers above me
   promising safety in its strength
as i lie in this perfect nature
    my soul knows peace
it is here, in heaven's waiting room
that i look up and see the azure sky
blending into a brilliant swirl 
    of white and crimson
the beauty that surrounds me
offers a haven
  sheltering me
from the hands of man....

Michelle Fox


  1. hark says the lovely nightengale; gather round and learn from truest love sharing her glory. well mines never close to poetry; mines just wandering around in my head in playful ways, waiting for my dearest daughter to put it in proper form for me. i will wait anxiously for more of this. thank you { morning glory }

  2. some of us blessing-but misplaced souls were really meant to live in the fairy land under mushrooms and be seen only by the eyes of GOD.
    our walmart is the moss for carpet and the lilies for beds, we can hear plainly the wisper of our Lord on the gentle breeze and and share the milk and honey with the sweet gently honey bees; sadly we're caught up n the life of the big creatures that roam and destroy that perfect little KINGDOM OF OURS. but once in a while we get to drift off alone and become what our hearts yearn to be.