Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Poem...

Okay, with some prompting from my mom, I have decided to post a poem that I wrote....it has no title...

As dusk secretly slips in,
catching the last of the sun's glory
the day slowly turns away
and sulks off into twilight.

Darkness itself saunters forward
blanketing all earth in a unique
quilt of shining, sparkling stars
only then - the world softly hushes.

Man's toys and industries 
are gradually put at ease
as Mother Nature
introduces a tale she calls her own.

From the silence arises
the first subtle hint of life
as the wind whispers secrets 
known only by the moon.

Increasing audibly in sheer harmony
comes the gentle singing of the brook
as over pebbles worn
tells of fairytale serenity.

The sensual melody of lovers
is heard by one and all
as the fair maiden of beauty
awaits her honored prince.

Their eager kisses fall like dew
as tiny cymbals on the grass
they embrace so readily 
all nature feels their passion.  

Young, tender petals shyly look upon
and giggle at the scene
as crickets softly murmur
in knowledge of this love.

Moonbeams lightly dance upon
and caress the dreaming lovers
so caught up in each other
all the world is but a cover.

The melancholy swaying of the trees
adds but a low and distant rythm
as the beat of tender drops 
fall in patterns from the sky.

The prince eventually arises
as dawn is creeping in
but the maiden worries never
for twilight always comes....

Michelle Fox

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