Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oldie (from about 16 years ago....)

Some of my poetry was not quite so....light....

Confused, tormented, hurting,
I close my eyes
and drift into a state of mere oblivion
a state of nothingness, total darkness.

I begin to feel the sense 
of a deep settled peace
sweeping over me, compassing me, and enclosing me
 in the arms of a man, a man called Death.

I feel the tightening grip
clutching me,
taking me down
into the whirlpool of darkness

Swirling winds, cold rains, and frightening thunder
surround me, engulf me
until suddenly it passes
gone as quickly as it came.

And I am left standing
alone and unaided.

Darkness surrounds me
I am forgotten
left trembling in the terror
and fright of the night

Its screaming winds pound in my ears
I run....only to fall
to be consumed
by its cruelty...

Michelle Fox

*****See....not light...by any stretch of the imagination...

1 comment:

  1. whew thank God Darren came charging in on your night mare in his big black truck and rescued you from the lonely torment you knew before him. haven't heard of you feeling like that since he rescued you.