Friday, July 10, 2009

Ye shall be free indeed....

Well, I've not only caught a glimpse of blue sky but I've felt the sun shine warm on my face today. As I was leaving the hospital with an aching heart of sadness, I heard a song with the repetitious words, "If the Son hath set you free, you are free indeed"....and I thought, ya know, that is so true. He CAN take our chains and give us wings. It lifted my heart to think that no matter where you are or what you've done, He can break the cycle, forgive you, and make you free. That is just beautiful folks. :)
Here is the song by Steven Curtis Chapman called Free that inspired me and reminded me of His love :

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  1. yes, the sky may be blue and the sun shinning or it may be cloudy and stormy but rest assured there is a potter that has HIS HANDS, both of them on each and ever piece of clay HE ever starts working on. and HE values each and every piece like it is the LIFE OF HIS ONLY son JESUS.
    i wonder how often HE takes HIS eyes off the clay that is spinning in HIS hands? not too often or it would loose its shape and fly off the wheel, so HE must be totally focused on that piece of clay--sun,clouds,storms no matter HE WILL keep the clay in HIS hands and never turn it loose. in John 17: 1-26 is one of the most touching and hearbreaking and reasurring places in the Bible to me, especially vs.20-24 breaks my heart when i think of all the times i have thrown that kind of love to the wind and loved anything else. well, i must end this somewhere, so keep up the work you on here it is a blessing to your parents. love marm and dad