Monday, July 13, 2009

Squirrels in the Corn Patch

It's 7:30 am and I've just awakened. I sleepily peer out my window to see what manner of sky today holds. Wait...what is that I see?? I feel anger flushing it's way up my eyes are not fooling me...there it is...creeping its way to my corn patch. A little thieving creature with beady eyes and a body not unlike a rodent save for it's one distinguishing feature ~ a big, bushy tail that I'm sure provides the tiny animal with much boasting amongst the other woodland creatures. At any rate, the burglar is looking and tip-toeing it's way closer to our meagar plot as I stand contemplating the nuisance. I spring into action...I quietly sneak into the boys' room and grab a bb gun...(it shoots quietly ~ I want to scare off a thief, not wake my children :) ...I open the front door and am quickly made to understand the blessing of having no close next door neighbors as I realize I'm "manning" the gun in my pjs....I point...realize I'm squinting and closing the wrong eye (hehe ..blush) and promptly assume the proper shooting form...I shoot!! I look and see....nothing. Not the squirrel scampering away in utter terror, not a corn stalk moving...okay, well, I may not have hit the target or even got close, but the squirrel is no longer a threat to my corn so that's a good day hunting in my view :)

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