Friday, July 17, 2009

One of those days that just make you smile....

Today was our weekly day to visit the libraries and get groceries. Yes, I take all four of my children. Only Isaac on occasion gives me some hassle...and let me tell you, when he is good, he is very good, and when he is bad....he is very bad :) But that is neither here nor there, because as I just said, today was one of those days that just make you smile :)
We started out with Malachi and Jacob organizing our library books into piles for the two separate libraries. We generally check out 15-20 books per child or more(obviously we take free wholesome entertainment seriously :) ...anyway, the boys separated the books, helped carry the bags to the van, and off we went. We had a nice conversation on our way to the first library. At the checkout, I just happen to casually ask the guy if he knew a local entomologist (for Malachi to talk with)..he says "No, but I know a" ...yeah!! Said he would talk with the kids when we cover geology!! I love it!
At WalMart, Malachi spots a huge orange moth on an elderly lady's buggy and we stop her and her friend to see if we can have it. She is so accommodating that she takes her cabbage out of the bag and gives him the bag too! Come to find out, they are both retired teachers and enjoyed seeing his enthusiasm for science.
I have started trying to distress paint our new dining room furniture. It's totally I thought I would paint it dark brown and then paint a dark blue over that, and then sand the blue down on edges, etc to get a cool distressed look. Well, to shorten the story, I've made a couple of wrong moves and I mentioned those to the elderly man at the paint counter. In short order I received a thorough paint education! How I love competence and knowledgeable sales people! :)
I feel as tho I may be able to correct my mistakes and finish the job successfully!
So, today was one of those days....I enjoyed being with my children...enjoyed their chatter, smiles, and acts of kindness toward each other. I enjoyed intelligent conversation.
I am so looking forward to spending the weekend with Darren and the kids. We have been running to and fro nearly all week. I am very ready for home time. It's my favorite thing with my favorite people :)

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  1. hey girl give your furniture a few more years and it will have its natural DESTRESSED look. hahaha. yep, sorry, but sounds like you inherited your moms gift of gab; but thats just Gods way of sharing Himself; when we take the time to listen and share with others we usually come away with something learned and a smile for the day. i really miss that with you, God willing more in the future.