Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy Hens!

Isaac and I went to check for eggs today as we do everyday. As we are approaching the nest, I notice there are three hens gathered around acting rather peculiar...even for hens. I saw one pecking around and thought, "Oh great...she's pecking at her egg." I went over and lifted the piece of tin and said "Whoa baby!!" A black snake was coiled up nice and snug in the nest and the crazy hen had scratched herself out another nest right beside him to lay her egg!! I guess she figured he could go ahead and help himself but she had business to attend to :) I ran to the house, got Malachi, Jacob, Sarah, and the camera and ran back. I told Malachi I didn't figure the snake would hurt him if he just reached in and picked him up...being that he was rather involved with something. :) Malachi reached in and grabbed him...the snake must've just got started on the egg, because when Malachi picked him up, the egg fell out. When I turned to get the egg, the chicken was already laying squatter's claim (hehe) on the nest so I guess I'll get the egg out later. Okay, funny thing, I guess the snake's jaw was in the open, big gulp position and when he was picked up by his head it stayed that way ~ because he had this pucker going on! Too funny! We all checked him out and then Malachi let him go in the woods. I walked back to the nest later to check on things and three of my hens were there....one sitting, two waiting in line. Guess the snake put a hold on the egg-laying. :)

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  1. wow malachi; i know guys alot older than you that would neverget near a snake; i got myself quiet a grandson here folks { eat your heats out } and if you find one of these long slithering creatures, just call on MY grandson (with a fee of course) and he will take care of your problem. a new age snake handler, maby we can see if he papaw the preacher would be interested in snake handling in church; but then we wouldn't have very many in the audience cause not many are as brave as Mr. Malachi. but do please be careful there sonny, id sure hate for you to get hurt. love u mamaw june