Friday, July 3, 2009

Gardening and Milking

Summertime gardening is not for the faint of heart :) Milking, feeding, watering, weeding, picking, cleaning, canning, hoeing, planting, and milking, feeding, watering again...not to count all those inside chores that we won't discuss here :) We have squash coming in so squash pickles need to be canned, more green beans are ready to be picked and canned, and I am still up to my ears in goat milk. I have made feta cheese, fromage blanc, and chevre. I've even poured a quart in my bath! But the milk is encroaching upon every shelf in the's like the widow's oil in the Bible ...straight pipeline from heaven via the milk goat :) Seriously, I've got to make some soap or something with's driving me nuts. I briefly had room for my tea jug but that's a thing of the past yet again. We are thinking about planting some fall crops too. Well, so much for typing my day away...better get to work...


  1. mornin youngin; surely theres something else i can interest you in doing??? there must be a spare minute somewhere, OH- you forgot the kids are still working on the summer project "THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR" did i get that right?; and the bug collection scholar; like to see some of his beauties. well think i'll go rest and think about ALL you do, better take some time out little girl of mine or you are gonna run outa steam. i'm so very proud of you and all you do though, and i know you won't slow down, so May God Bless you with PEACE, JOY, AND HAPPINESS all day today.

  2. You go girl!! This is great! Its like Little House on the Prairie. I am putting you on my prayer list that God continue to give you strength! Where is your farm?? I would love for you to talk to my Baptist Young Womens group. You pray about it and let me know.