Thursday, July 9, 2009

Revolutionary War Excitement Continues...

We have been reading simultaneously through three books (with some others on occasion) to cover the war. The American Revolution for Kids by Janis Herbert is a wonderful book chock full of information and activities. She has instructions for a powder horn, sewing a pouch, and making a fringed hunting shirt. The sewing directions seem easy enough for even me to handle! :) We are also reading through George vs. George: The American Revolution as seen from Both Sides by Rosalyn Schanzer. This is a really good book with lively pictures. Sarah's interest seemed to be waning so when we read about both Georges being farmers, she got to create a farm page with a cut-out barn and farm animals. She also colored a picture of George Washington and gave him a cotton ball powdered wig...and let me tell you, it was quite poofy! Ole George would've cried out in alarm or strutted with pride one...not sure how cool big hair was in the 1700s :) We are also reading through A Child's Story of America by The Christian Liberty Press....I like the Christian view they offer. The boys especially, are enjoying the story of our fight for independence. They are impressed with the stamina, courage, and resourcefulness of those Patriots of yore. I have to say I love to watch their excitement and hear them say "Just read one more chapter, Mom!" Nothing beats interest. I've been putting off making the shirts and pouches....hoping I'd wake up one morning and the elves would've visited and surprised me. I would like to find some old tin band aid containers to make some tin canisters. And then there is Sarah's colonial dress.....sigh....I am excited about the's just the sewing that throws me for a loop. But anyway, I'm implementing the Charlotte Mason approach a bit and letting them narrate daily what they remember from the day before and their favorite parts of the story. I also made up some worksheets to go with the study. I spent quite a bit of time drawing 5 pages of Revolutionary War weapons and ammunition. They turned out nice and the kids love to look at them. It'll be a handy reference to put in their notebooks/lapbooks. Well, maybe I'll go dive into those fringed shirts....wish me luck! :)

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