Monday, July 6, 2009

Cheap Mouse Management

We saw this snake headed away from the garden on Friday. Jacob begged Darren to catch it so he could hold it. Darren caught it for him and handed it to him. He was loving it! He held it, checked it out, and proudly posed for pictures. He released it himself too....while I held my breath :)

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  1. jacob; my big handsome c----; you would scare the white hairs right outa my head. hey, is it still over there? let's give it a try. maby you will be the next world famous animal lover like steve on tv, man can't think of his last name. but anyway God put some really special people here on His earth to love and enjoy the creatures He made-- thats my calling; i would take in every animal He ever made and love it. you have always had that special gentle touch that even a butterfly would come rest on your hand. mama needs to drag that picture out and put it on here. if i ever have a creature i want loved i will come running to you. i love you so very much and i'm so proud of you. mamaw