Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Makes Me Happy

My kids are so into reading.  The boys are reading the Harry Potter books together.  Like, when we go to the library, they get two copies of each book in the series.  It's so funny.
"Did you read chapter 4 yet?"
"Yes! The movie didn't show that!"
and so on.......
Anyway, last year, Jacob didn't even think he could read an entire chapter book and now he's reading a book that is like, I don't know, 4.256 inches thick.  Seriously.  It's huge.  And he's reading it.  And his confidence level is soaring.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  I am so proud of him.  I'm proud of them all.  I love to see them all lying around reading.  It makes me happy to know they can find contentment in the pages of a book.  *sigh* color me happy.  <3
(Yes, that is laundry behind the chair.  I can't be bothered with that now... I'm *sighing* in contentment.)

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