Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Spy/Secret Agent Birthday Cake

Sarah is all into the spy thing..disguises... files... covert operations...  so, of course, she had to have a spy birthday party.  I was originally thinking that I wanted to make an open briefcase and put some "agent" paraphernalia inside.  Her birthday was Sunday, so I decided to get started on the extra stuff Saturday night.  I started out by making some rice krispie treats to use as the basis for the gun, camera, and iphone.  I shaped the treats, colored some fondant black, and got started.

For the gun, I covered the treat, pulled up a Walther PPK online, and etched the details in with a toothpick.  The iphone was covered in black fondant, I added little white squares, and wrote on them with food pens.  The camera was easy...cover with black fondant and add circles to build up the zoom lens...

The case files were simple....  tint some fondant yellow for the folder and of course, write "eat after reading" know... to avoid compromised intelligence.  :)  I cut two pieces of white fondant to fit inside the folder and wrote notes on them with a food pen so she'd have files.... 

Sunday, I had to reschedule the party from 3 to 1 pm so I didn't have as much time to work on the cake as I thought I would.  With that in mind, I opted for just making a briefcase and putting the spy stuff on top.  Sarah was pleased with it  :)

Happy Birthday to my Princess!!  er, Secret Agent!!  :D

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