Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rocks and Minerals and .....Stuff....

We just finished our unit study on Ancient Rome.  I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  I overheard one of the kids the other day talking to the youngest and telling him all about something Rome related and it made me smile.  The wax tablets were by far the coolest thing we did related to the study.  They have been working on woodburning the covers and their stylus.  I'll post pictures when they are completed.
Our next topic of study is to be rocks and minerals.  I gotta tell you, I love science.  All kinds of science.  But for the life of me, I just don't recall learning much about rocks and minerals.  Did I sleep during rock identification?  Or was it just not covered in abundance??  I don't know.  So, I've checked out loads of books from the library and they have several reference books already in their own personal library.  I also ordered some rocks and minerals and test kits from .  I have to be able to *see* what I'm talking about...hold it in my hands....examine it. I was so excited the day they were supposed to arrive.  To give you an idea how much I was anticipating their arrival, my ten year old darling kept saying, "Mom!  UPS is here!"  and I'd get all excited and say, "REALLY?!!?" with a big grin....and he'd look at me, give me his impish little smile and say, "No."  :)  In my defense, I only fell for it maybe twice.  Ok, three times tops....
I ordered a 15 piece rock kit and a 15 piece minerals kit and some testing apparatus....ceramic plates, glass plates, hydrochloric acid...  Now I just have to figure out what I'm doing with all of it.  Or I guess we can all figure it out together.  :)
There is a gem mine near our house which will be an awesome field trip to add to the study.  The kids can go sluicing and creeking and learn some things in the process.  I am also planning a trip to our local science center to glean the information of the employees there.

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