Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Allergies: Part Trois ~ One thing leads to another and another and another and ......

You know that allergy I developed to goats?  And the subsequent visit to the family doctor?  And the subsequent visit to the allergy clinic?   I now have frequent flier miles racking up with the allergy clinic.  Seriously.  I'm practically a member of the board.  Well, maybe not.  But, I probably could be.  If I really wanted to.
They put me on allergy meds and gave me a rescue inhaler.  I previously thought all inhalers were created equal, but it has come to my attention that they are not.  At any rate, they gave me those, sent me home, and instructed me back in x number of weeks.  At the appointed time, I returned with many of the same symptoms and was then told that due to a sinus infection, my allergy meds weren't being as effective as they could be, so, I was given a prescription for a two week antibiotic and a two week steroid.  OH YAY!!  Steroids.  Because Lord knows I don't have a big enough appetite already.  :)  I was feeling slightly dismayed.  I mean, two allergy pills, an antibiotic, AND a steroid.  I was beginning to feel like a pill pusher....or a hypochondriac....or a, perhaps worst of all {gasp} a wienie.  I'm a farm girl, darn it!  I don't need forty pills to just ain't right.  But, thinking I'd like to get rid of a sinus infection, I dutifully took the recommended prescriptions.  I did experience some steroid induced hunger least, that's what I'm blaming it on.  Who knew those Chips Ahoy cookies with Heath toffee were so good??  It's just too bad those darn steroids made me eat the entire bag.  Well, I did share a couple with the kids....I think.  Yes, surely I did.  Surely....  
I went back today and my sinus infection is no more!  Yay!  However, now it has become apparent, via the CT Scan of my sinuses that my nasal airways are blocked.  *SIGH*  Can I get some nasal spray anyone?  Cause I need one more prescription....    And my allergy meds had to be changed again because they aren't strong enough.  And oh yeah, I need a steroid inhaler thing.  You see?  All inhalers are not created equal.  Some are rescue inhalers to be used during an attack..and some are medicated to be used twice daily.  I got one of those to go with my rescue inhaler.  Which concerns me, if you must know.  Because I looked it up and it's a steroid.  And I just got finished taking a steroid.  Do I want to continue on a steroid?  Do I need steroid hunger rage?  I mean, comes in handy when there's a bag of Chips Ahoy, but...I don't know.  At any rate, I feel like it's a never ending search for the holy grail.  I mean, would I like to have open nasal passages so that the sweet smells of spring could waft upward unhindered and delight my senses??  Well, heck yes.  Would I like to rid myself of the sneezing, itching, coughing, wheezing ....well, darn it...yes!  What's it going to take to get to that point?  Well, now ..I don't rightly know.  :) 
The allergy that started this all ...the goat one.... is still the same.  If I rub my skin anywhere on her hair, I get welts.  However, I will say that since taking allergy meds, I no longer come in from milking sneezing uncontrollably.  So, that's nice.  I still refrain from touching the baby goat.  The one who made my eyes swell shut.  I decided to leave well enough alone on that note.
So, I reckon it's just a journey....

Now, about those Chips Ahoy Heath.....   ;D

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