Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rocks and Minerals Update

Had to share....I am ***SO*** excited.  I got in touch with a rockhound/author of a book on rocks and minerals who put me in touch with another rockhound/member of a local rock and gem club who is going to meet with the kids and I and share his knowledge and zeal!!  I am seriously tickled pink...heck, I'm tickled magenta!  You know what this means, right???  It means I don't have to cram for a rock and mineral extensive means I can follow my unit study plans BUT I can let someone else step in and really bring it home.  I love it!  Definitely one of the best parts of homeschooling...meeting with real people who are willing to share what they know... dang it, that is just the coolest thing.  OH!! AND, I just found out an old (as in length of time known) friend's husband works at a local quarry!!!  Field Trip!!  Yeah, just doesn't get any better.....

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