Monday, October 5, 2009

A Wild, West Cowboy Party...

Jacob wanted a Cowboy party this year.  I think the whole idea stemmed from the Frontiersman we covered in our Revolutionary War study...he loves the wild man out in nature idea.  He was so funny planning the party.  I mentioned that we get into "themes" around here...I wasn't kidding.  He decided to go along with his party, he needed cowboy stuff...said he wanted pickles to simulate cacti, carrots (for the horses), hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire, and....a beef jerky log cabin.  :)  He didn't really care about the cake...Jacob is not a cake eater ...I decided to make chocolate cupcakes and stick sheriff badges in them.  It turned out really well.  He wanted all surprises for his gifts...we got him a circuit board and a playstation game.  I love educational gifts...the circuit board is awesome.  You can make around 200 different projects on it.  He has always loved experiments and science stuff so he is diggin' it :)
His mawmaw got him a very cool camera.  He has "played" with that nonstop.  Nearly every picture I have of me, he has taken.  He has a good eye and does really well.  :)  I'm proud of him. 

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