Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time Alone....

I think it's going to happen...I don't want to get to excited because matters like this are delicate and things could change...but I think it may just work out...I'm excited..you'll never guess so I'm going to kill the suspense and just tell you...I think I have carved out a little, bitty niche in time tonight to go sit at the river and ....think.  Yes, think.  I'm ready for it...it has been calling to me.  Actually more like screaming, but that just doesn't sound as romantic, does it?? I mean, who wants to be screamed at??  Wait, we're getting off track...time alone is what I was talking about...I'm thinking it's going to work.  I've told my husband that I need it.  My psyche can't live without it.  It's overdue.  My whole being is craving the silence, the solitude, the sound of water lapping against the boards of the pier, the trees standing guard around me, the air wrapping around me in a tight embrace....I'm ready. 

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