Monday, October 5, 2009

Science Center Field Trip

Our visit with the rope maze...the kids all loved it...even Isaac...of course he was happiest when just jumping over the ropes - and in effect feeling most accomplished for not tripping.  :)  The temporary exhibit this time was "Playing with Math".  They had a nice little section set up with origami instructions and paper.  Malachi has purchased origami kits in the past, as well as paper airplane kits.  It's been awhile since he had it all out though.  It would be putting it mildly to say the exhibit revived his interest :)  He made all of the designs that they provided instructions for.  Jacob made a couple and Sarah learned how to make origami cups (and made 10-15.)  She was excited.  (Actually, as she was folding washcloths today, she made me an origami cup with a washcloth...funny...).  Anyway, Isaac even crumpled up a piece of was undefinable, but to him  it was origami.  I eventually succumbed to my inner child and made my own cup.  :)
We moved along to the permanent animal room...don't tell PETA but Sarah was stylin' in a luscious Artic Fox..hehe...We checked out the aquarium and Spin City downstairs as well.  We had a wonderful time together, took lots of pictures, and acted a little silly! 

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