Monday, October 5, 2009

Curious George

In keeping with Isaac climbing all over everything like a little monkey and his endless curiosity, he had a Curious George birthday party.  I had planned on making a Curious George character cake.  Normally, I go all out with the theme party thing....I get carried away.  :)  This time I decided to take it easy.  Just made a two-layer cake with plenty of child friendly sprinkles :)

After he blew his candle out, he didn't want me to move the cake...thought the whole thing was his personal little party :)  It was cute...he swiped his little finger in the icing and said "Mmmmm" 

When he first got up, Sarah had him a surprise...she had wrapped him up a book set in a little cape to give him.  He was very excited!!  (Even tho he's looked at the books several times :)  His excitement made her excited was so sweet! 

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