Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Calling

You know, in the past, I have struggled with feelings of unimportance....of being less than what I thought I should be through the eyes of the world. I've felt the lack of acknowledgment and the lack of worldly success. I've cringed when people have said things like "You are such a Suzy Homemaker" or "I could never stay home all day like that"....but it has occurred to me that this is my calling. This is my purpose for this moment in raise my children that God has entrusted to my care. To try and live a life that shines the love and faithfulness of God so brightly that they are enticed by that light and want to reach out and grasp it for themselves.
I so admire missionaries who spend their lives, and sometimes suffer physical harm, sharing Christ with others. I admire those who write hymns that seem to speak directly to the heart of those who hear them and to bring the glory of heaven right to your soul...I'm impressed by those who write books that speak truths and lead you to understand things you never contemplated. I feel such regard for those who paved the way for others to worship freely...for the hard work, sweat, and toil they suffered for generations after them. But God has not called me to do any of those things ...He has called me to raise my children up in such a way that would bring Him glory. And you know what?? I can roll with that :) I can be content in knowing that I am doing what He has called me to do....I can have joy in knowing that these children may rise up and lead others to Him...that they may impact society for good....that they may be trailblazers for Him. I'm good with being this calling...for "such a time as this". (Reference to Esther 3:14 - which just happens to be one of my favorite verses)

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  1. sometimes we parents live to see their child do and be what they dreamed of for themselves, but don't feel like we quiet made it. well, daughter of mine, as i watch, listen and see the results of what you have been doing for 10 years (malachi is 10 right), wow where has time gone???? well anyway, i see in him, jacob, sarah and even wee isaach; calm, respectful, caring, and very intelligent children, NOT KIDS, but children like there was years before tv turned them into actors before they could walk or talk. yours and darrens four children are a delight in every way to spend time with and we love them and thank God you are this kinda of mama.