Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Library Books....

I was saying earlier that we take our free, educational entertainment seriously??? Well, here's an example. The top two selves are all library books....the airplanes crammed in are results of the How to Make Paper Airplanes book that Malachi checked out. This is only a small bookshelf...we have many more...and the kids all have their own bookshelves. I love, love, love a good book or twenty :) I want to pass that along to them. My grandmother (actually my great-aunt but she is soooo my grandma :) has faithfully supplied them with books of all kinds over the years...lots and lots of reference books to feed all those questions regarding "Wonder what kind of bug this is?" and "Where does this mammal live?" ...they are wonderful books chock full of information.
Needless to say, we most often use the library that does not charge overdues on children's books :) One day late on a stack this size and somebody's gotta work part-time at the library to pay off our debt :)

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