Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a zoo in here

Letting the kids cut out animal pictures for their own "zoos" turned into something much more than I imagined.....

They cut pictures for several days of every animal imaginable and then proceeded to tape huge pieces of paper on the living room walls....these were papers measuring 8' x 3' and one per child ..seriously...it looked like I had some really strange wallpaper for awhile. It proved to be a really good exercise tho....they tried to follow the classification system ...separated the mammals into groups...tried to put animals from the same habitat together in some areas...
it was cute. For lack of space, they decided against putting zoo things (sidewalks, benches, food shops, etc) on the paper. I loved that they learned so much and enjoyed the project, but I gotta tell ya, I was a wee bit happy to have my plain walls back :)

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  1. hey-thats a great idea now their papaw won't have to paint which he dreads tooooo much; the kids can just come and do all our walls for us and we can take a vacation to all the places they display for us; each wall different. when did you say they can start????