Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bread Making

Yum...there's nothing like the smell of fresh bread...

I've been making it off and on for a couple of years but have never quite got the feel for how it is supposed to look at different stages. I've never actually seen anyone make bread...so when I was learning to knead, I wasn't sure at what point it I should stop.
Recently, I decided to view some videos on YouTube regarding bread making. They have sure come in handy. I learned to knead till the bread is elastic feeling; learned to not let the bread rise so long that it becomes spongy; and also learned a very handy trick about spraying the bread with water every 10 mins. while baking to ensure a crispy, blistered top like bakery loaves! Yeah! The two loaves of sourdough I made yesterday turned out better than any I've ever made. The outside was crisp and the inside was just the right consistency. I was soooo excited! I bought some rye and wheat flour to try my hand at that next. It is so true that store bought bread has really no comparison with homemade fresh bread.

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  1. how come you didn't temp everyone else with the jellys you make; show them what you gave me and your dad, only we're waiting on the bread to go with it------. the jellies are good enough to eat without bread. i guess i should say take a picture of your jellies to add to the bread. STILL WAITING ON BREAD.