Friday, August 21, 2009

Ain't no squirrels in this here patch :)

I give free grammar lessons to those interested ..haha!
Anyway, if you've read prior posts, you know that we have a long running feud with the squirrels in these parts. They get in the corn patch and tear the ears off the stalk, they pull the stalks over, they climb up the pines, shuck the corn, and nibble's enough to make a saint stammer over finding a pleasant word to say :) Well, needless to say, we have never had a proper corn harvest...we plant, weed, and tend and watch the hoodlums get fat off our labor (wait, are we talking about squirrels here or the government run welfare system??) sorry, I tend to chase rabbits....
Back to the squirrels - they nearly demolished the first planting of corn.. Well, we were one step ahead this time...we planted a subsequent crop....oh yeah baby, we're smoking this year :) any rate, the corn crop is awesome now!!! Where have those squirrels been? Maybe it's the new aroma of CAT around the place??? Haven't seen hide nor hair of them. Isaac and I went out the other day to pluck some ears and my oh my....they were full of plump kernels and ready for the consuming :) We have picked twice now...nearly 12 ears each's CRAZY! After years of corn planting, we are finally eating home grown corn. I can't believe I haven't taken pictures of the corn to post on here...I most certainly will next time we pick a few.

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  1. you-all best not ya ridge running hillbilly, i see corn (thats ears of corn), and theres shuck beans,etc. anyways-if i see the corn plump in the kernel ready for butter and salt; you-all will be having in-laws (2) for supper, lunch, breakfast or snack this set of teeth knows what to do with roasting ears.