Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yesterday morning, there was a slight nip in the air...  so, I thought I might do a little huffing and puffing on my steeply inclined driveway...you know, for my cardiovascular health...  (well, and it occurred to me that if you are walking, and your rump is grooving to a whole 'nother beat than the rest of your body is grooving to....as, in a beat with a much faster tempo...perhaps you should lay off the chocolate and take a walk up your driveway. Not that I am saying this because I had experienced it or anything...really.) 
Anyway, as I'm fixing to walk out the door, my three year old says, "oh! mom! I want to go with you!"  Sigh.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing ...but, I was seriously doubting my heart beat was going to get above normal with my sweet cheeks in tow.  Nevertheless, off we strode, hand in hand, out the door. 
That's when the magic started.  The air was perfect... birds were chirping...  the goats were baaaa-ing...and his sweet little voice pipes up and says, "It's a pretty day, isn't it, Momma?"  Ahhhhh...yes.  Yes, it is.
Pretty soon, we were observing all the peculiars lying on the driveway..  sycamore balls...  leaves...  rocks...
We started collecting things for his treasure box.  We were both "oooohing" and "aaaaahing" over little things....things that would have been overlooked had I been running....er, jogging...ok - walking fast.
And guess what?
That walk didn't raise my heart beat enough to benefit my cardiovascular health....
but it *did* make my heart go pitter-patter---
That walk didn't melt any fat...
but it *did* melt away my stress---
That walk didn't make me treasure my more fit body
but it *did* make me treasure the moment----
And that in itself, was a Treasure.  <3
Sycamore balls, tulip poplar seed pod, an acorn stick, and crepe myrtle blossoms
One of my treasures..  <3

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