Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Summer Almost Ended Without Me Painting Something

Can you believe that??
Well, neither could I.
So, I found something to paint.
I have been playing on Pinterest (by the way, if you are the least bit "ohhhh, shiny" you will be on Pinterest for HOURS)
Anyway, on Pinterest, I saw some DIY projects regarding turning mirrors, doors, etc into chalkboards. cool.  So, I've decided to turn the front of my kitchen pantry door (just the inner panel) into a chalkboard. Drool.
I bought the chalkboard paint and got home and realized that the door has tiny grooves that are going to have to be filled and sanded before I can paint it.  ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?!!?  Now, I have paint and nowhere to put it.  Sooooo, I remembered that I had an old mirror under my bed (don't's on of the lesser weird things under there) and decided that I would paint it, sand it  (the frame) and then paint the mirror part with chalkboard paint.  ---I'm still doing the kitchen door...I just had to do something while I waited to smooth the front of the pantry door.
I got the frame the way I wanted it...  and put the first coat of chalkboard paint on.  And you have to wait TWENTY-FOUR HOURS between coats.  I think it's a conspiracy against people who have a lack of patience.
I painted the second coat yesterday ...and it seemed my brush wasn't giving it a smooth enough look...
So, today I did the third coat with a mini's still not smooth enough for me...
Not sure what I'll do tomorrow with the fourth coat...

In the meantime, I bought a little brassy looking bird cage at the antique store.  I brought it home, got out the new spray paint can and saw this little white attachment:

You see that white attachment??  Well, when I first popped the lid off and saw it, it made me think of all those kids' toys I've bought over the years that have the little white tab on the back that you pull out to enable the toy to do it's thing....  so, of course, I pulled it out.
And then I began spraying my mirror frame.  I could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong with the dang spray can....I shook it some more...  held it level...
and THEN I turned it over to see if the can said anything about what to do in case of drips...
and I saw this.
Oh.  that little white thingie goes on there.... well, I'm sure PLENTY of people make that mistake.  like, all the time.
Anyway, so, I got that all worked out, and sprayed the frame several times and then sanded it lightly....
The green stuff is frog tape.  I'll take it off when it's dry.
Here's the bird cage...I'm going to hang it and put candles in it...  oh la la, baby!!!
This is the kitchen pantry door...with wood filler covering the entire thing.  And I was informed that the door is not actually real wood...and the filler might not stick.  So, I'm doing inside the pantry door first ... to see how it works....and I used all the wood filler, dang it. 

I LOVE the shape -- it's on the outside of the door as well.  Don't you think that will make a marvelous kitchen chalkboard?? 

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