Friday, August 5, 2011

The Free Movies...Week 2

Week before last, we went to our first free movie of the summer....  and saw The Last Airbender.  (I's an older movie...but, it's really good...I love it...makes me want to bend water...which I *may* have attempted in the pool with my three year old the other day... for real.  It was convincing, too...just ask him.)

Anyway... this week, we were going to see Gulliver's Travels....which I haven't seen.  The other choice was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...which showed LAST year at the free movie....I mean, I know it's FREE, but come ON.... as a parent, I'd kinda like to enjoy the show...and I'm really not *that* hard to please...

So, we get to the theater (which is a good distance away)...and I got there like TWO FULL MINUTES before the movie started...  and found out ....that the freakin' FREE movie was *sold* out.  seriously.  The ONE time I'm early.  sheesh.
We all head back to the car and I say, no worries....we'll stop at the video store and get the movie and I'll make popcorn...  and we can pause it during Isaac's 50 pee breaks....
I noticed when I got in and turned the key that the ignition sounded rather weak...but, not to be thwarted, I shook it off, and headed up the road.  The kids were starving..of course.  You cannot take children in a moving vehicle over 5 miles up the driveway before somebody is absolutely starving and must go through a drive thru. It was 10:00 am.  We pass a McDonald's and Jacob says, "Mom...I'm starving..."
I say, "'s 10 am ..they are still serving breakfast.  We aren't breakfast eaters."  
(I mean, we eat breakfast....cereal, french toast, ramen noodles.....but, we don't eat MEAT biscuits...not the kind from a drive thru, anyway..  oh, and NEVER sausage.  yuck.  nothing worse than meat that bounces when you bite down on it....  seriously grossing myself out here... )
And Jacob says, "Mom...I can't wait that long...I'm *starving*"
And against my better judgment...the kind that screams at you from inside your head, "DON'T LISTEN TO THE KID....THEY ARE PERSUASIVE...GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW!!"  I drove through the drive thru.  Chicken biscuits.  Okay...we can do chicken biscuits.  I mean, the chicken *sandwich* is tasty...why not?  So, I get five chicken biscuits, five hash browns, and five stinking strawberry pies.  I ONLY bought the pies because the little guy at the window made me feel OBLIGATED..he nearly threatened me...I felt pressured....he said, "Could I interest you in a strawberry pie today?"  See.  He pressured me.
We get our food...  I hand it out....  and immediately Sarah pipes up from the back and says, "There's a HAIR in my biscuit."...    there is *nothing* worse than a hair in my food.  ugh.  And Jacob (aka future chef) feels the same.  I look in the rear view mirror and see a reflection of the repulsion I feel.  And then he says, "Their sanitation score was 1.5 points below where I like it to be"..  LOL.  We do NOT eat out with out Jacob scoping out the sanitation score...with diligence.  And then he says, "And the meat is all jiggly."  Which is EXACTLY what I was thinking.  Apparently, all that stuff that's left over from the chicken sandwich gets smooshed together for the biscuit.  {{shiver}}
So, I decide to go by the homeschool store a few miles down the road.  Upon turning off the vehicle, I think just for kicks, I'll see if the car will start back up (because it was sounding weak at the theater).  It didn't.  But I think, eh...why bother with it now?  I'll figure something out when I'm finished inside.  ohhhhh....books.  I adore book stores...especially ones that have a used section.  I found three Ted Dekker books (my absolute FAVORITE AUTHOR) for seven dollars each.  (The Martyr's Song series...if you haven't read these, you should... you know how I felt when the McDs guy pressured me to buy pies)
I came back out...thought I'd try the ignition again..because you know..maybe the heat from the sun revived it or something.  Nothing.  I went back in the store and asked the younger girls behind the counter if they had any jumper cables.  And the little girl says, "No, we don't....but, you could walk down to the Flea Market.  There's some gallant men down there."  She said gallant men.  I'm not poking fun at anyone ...believe me...I'm not.  but..."gallant men"... what makes those men "gallant"...has she ever had any interaction with said men?  because she was more the ...ummm.....   oh, nevermind.  I can't go there without being offensive.  So, just nevermind.  Can I just say that it reminded me of a Lancaster, PA locale comment.  If you get that, fine.  If you don't, even better.  LOL.  I just looked at her and said, "Let's hope they're *gallant*.." and walked on down the sidewalk to the Flea Market of Gallant Men.  :)
Of the first three men I asked, none had jumper cables.  Gallantry must not be in the jump starting business.  I did eventually find a very kind older gentleman who had cables... I think he defined gallant.  :)  He drove down to my vehicle and jumped my car off and advised me "don't turn your car off till you get home"... and away I drove.
As I am driving home, almost half way there, I notice my car is nearly on empty.  Sheesh.  Seriously?  Well, I think to myself, *surely* it will make it home...I am NOT stopping for gas and risking not being able to find a gallant man. 
And besides, I always have my phone.
And then I hear the sound it makes when the battery is dying....the little annoying beeps...oh, jolly good!
And Isaac is in the back seat....."but, Mooooooooooooooooooom, I thought we were going to get a movie?!?!?"  Only I can't now because I'm almost out of gas...and I can't turn off the car.....and I can't call anyone if I do run out of, that pretty much means we're going straight home, honey bunny.
At least I have good reading material .....  :)

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