Tuesday, August 23, 2011

guest blog from my eight year old "if-i'm-breathing-i'm-talking" daughter

 < my eight year old daughter wrote this, but it is supposed to be read from my perspective...as though it's me doing the talking...enjoy!>

my 8 year old daughter has decided to make an animal jam blog, which totally is okay with me! i mean creativity should be encouraged right? answer: totally!,.... but come to think of it im not sure how to make a new blog..(please post an answer if you know how to) so she's like all hysterical on my and is begging at my knees, so after a while (and she also offered me 4 dollars which i didn't take) i said okay....i mean, she was like, almost to the point where she looked a minute away from whining,..(9 minutes later) oh my gosh she loves it so much! she won't stop  even enough for me to look at facebook, (wow talk about liking stuff!) so finally she says she's done but just then she says "oh wait i misspelled something!" ugh... (a couple minutes later) she's finally done (or so i thought) a little bit after that she says "mom, can i get back on? please?" oh well, so much for that little bit of peaceful time..well guess i should've seen that coming...my-oh-my, she loves her new "animal jam blog" made two posts so far..well i guess i should have known it would not be easy getting back my computer (tonight: sarah vs. michelle) well it was hard getting to guess who would win, i kept pulling and she kept holding on...(not in a mad way, we where actually kinda laughing) which was actually fun, in a way, sorta.........(a couple of days later) well now we actually got something going on here: i get it in the morning and she gets it after wards and then after that she does not get any of it and i *do* get it unless maybe she has an idea, but other than that it's all me! oh yeah, now we got something going, definitely! yay, me! i'm free to type whatever i want without any requests for my computer, sweet! well i guess i'm in enough peace as i can get.

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