Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ameraucana Update

The last time I posted about the Ameraucanas (think "Easter Egg" chickens...)
they were were in those awkward months of part chickie fluff and part adult feathers.  Since that time, they have completely come into their own...
The roosters are absolutely gorgeous...
Oh.  By the way, out of the six chicks, guess how many were roosters??  THREE.  Three roosters.  And need I remind you that ROOSTERS do NOT lay Easter Eggs.
Anyway, at least they have the pleasing to the eye factor to redeem them....  All three roosters are a different variety of Ameraucana...woo!!!  I love me some chicken variety diversity..  :)
One is a red color...  in the beginning, it seemed he would rule the roost...he had the fluffiest neck feathers and strutted his stuff...
However, another "cowboy" decided to start crowing a little louder, a little longer, a little more effortlessly...and Ole Red lost out in the pecking order... but it's not true what they say...the good guys don't always wear white...because even though this rooster is sporting his white, he's the meanest one of the bunch..  hmmm....maybe that's how you win the pecking order??
I'll have to get you another picture...that one doesn't do him justice...
Anyway, the other rooster is darker with lots of different colored feathers ...he's my favorite.  He's not mean and he is an original..  :)
Of the three hens, two are matching and one is a more generic looking rust color.  While the hens are pretty enough, the creativity in egg color is where they really shine...

Okay...take a look at the first egg found in the nest box...  DANG!!  I was so excited to get our first colored egg!  It's a very soft bluish-green color

Woooooo, baby!!!  Easter Eggs on the Fox Farm....color me happy :)


  1. How are the ladies doing now? They must be near the end of their laying, huh?

  2. They are still doing well, but you are correct. They aren't laying as consistently now. I need to post updated pictures of the roosters. They are absolutely gorgeous!!