Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love it when the kids are into their work and have papers all over the table.  It just screams "learning" to me :D  This is the day we worked on the Zoo Adventures pages from Considering God's Creation.  ~  Which is an absolutely wonderful book!  It includes animals, plants, rocks, planets,etc....  There are so many hands-on things to do and great little projects to get them involved.  We have just begun our Mammal unit study. All the vertebrates have been covered except this one.  Hopefully this study will prove to be lots of fun.  I plan to include research papers in this study.  We haven't really done a lot (or any) of that, but choosing an animal is an easy way to narrow down the topic and information will be rampant.  I'm looking forward to covering a new unit with my kiddos.

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