Saturday, February 27, 2010


Picture this...
It's another day in the life of  You wake up, do your morning routine, go about your business, and do your thing.  Then...out of nowhere....something catches your eye.  Just a little shine, a little sparkle...enough to make you do a double take.  You look more closely and realize is a DIAMOND!!  It was right there...waiting on YOU.  All you had to do was notice.  Little diamonds can be found all around the smile of a friend, a kiss, a little hand reaching out for yours, a conversation, a look, the breeze playing in your hair, the sun warming your face, the sound of water giggling over the rocks, the way the sunlight looks streaming through your window, a night drive on quiet, snowy roads, the grass under your feet, the falling rain, the way the dew sparkles in the sun, the iridescent wings of a butterfly, an unfurling flower, a loving gesture, a hug....  we only have to notice them, reach out to claim them, and hold them ever present.  They will be those joys that last, the ones you reflect upon in your quiet moments, the ones that make you smile inside, and the ones that make you take a fresh look at life and the beauty it holds.  So, just for today, slow down ...and notice.  See how many diamonds you can spot...and hold them close to your heart.  <3

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