Monday, February 15, 2010

Lessons I've Learned While Homeschooling My Children

I have decided to post weekly of the various lessons I have learned while homeschooling my children.  :)
There are plenty....  LOL

Lesson Number One:

One lesson in a fifth grade math book can strip you naked of all ego.     

My kids think I'm the greatest mom ever while I'm showing them how to make deer track plaster castings. Then my son gets out his math book and he is asked to draw a diagram of a shape with the volume of 14 cm and ......    NOT being a math person, I immediately take a seat, and get a pencil. By the time I think {out loud} about "volume" and how it is found, and which way to draw the 3D width,  he is writing an answer...and saying "Mom, you're confusing me.  Don't worry about it...I've got it."  Goodbye ego.  :)

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