Sunday, June 28, 2009


Got up early this morning to take care of feeding/milking/watering and then we were off to church. Darren preached and I got to sit with my daddy. :) (He isn't preaching much right now...he has a hernia and needs to have surgery) Then we were down the road to a sad. I absolutely hate to see people in pain...left behind while those they love spread their wings and fly to distant shores. This man lost his wife unexpectantly. I cannot imagine the pain that will fill his heart in the deepest hours of the night; when quiet closes in and the memories and whispers of her love come to call. My heart is breaking for him and his family. After the funeral, we left to visit with my grandmother who was just diagnosed with lymphoma. She will get her tests back Thursday to see if the cancer is contained in her lymph nodes or if it has spread. We are desperately praying that it is contained. Such sadness makes me want to cling to all that is good and true and refuse to let go.

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  1. thats all part of another day older another day smarter. i never knew i could love or value anyone or anything like i've learned to with my dearest best friend and companion in this world your dad and my husband. and then i think about you three children and our 8 grandchildren and then those family members we hold so dear and my heart swells with love, thankfulness, and a plead to the one that made us all OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST; to please have mercy and don't take either of these away from us. and beg HIM to show me ways to reveal HIM more clearly to those that don't seem to see HIM as the holder of life and soul. i think if i just love HIM and serve HIM as much as i possibly can maby HE will honor that and let me enjoy the presence of these a few years longer.. SO PRAISE GOD FOR THIS DAY WE HAVE TOGETHER