Monday, June 29, 2009

Costly Underestimate...

We are trying to garden organically. I've mentioned the Mexican bean beetle larvae that are collecting ghetto style on the beans....well, in order to avoid using chemicals, Darren decided to enlist the children as "bounty hunters'. Their job would be to collect all bad bugs in the garden and then be paid 10 cents for each bug. They were excited to get started this morning. In no time, they were bringing their bags to show me how much they had caught. I laid them outside on the table and began doing a rough estimate. Malachi had about 200, Jacob and Sarah had about 100 each. I think we might've underestimated their bounty hunting skills :) That was only one row of beans too! We have four. Needless to say, Darren may need to do a little refiguring! We'll see.....


  1. ha ha now its coming home to you all those times your ole dad came up with a small INEXPENSIVE project and you, jamie and ben took his last dime--oh maby that was last week??? thats why we catch our own villans now. lessons hard learned!!!

  2. you know i'd never take daddy's money... but, if he's got any extra, i need money for a haircut...just kidding... :)