Sunday, June 28, 2009

38 and a half quarts and we're done....for now

We finished canning last night about 1:30 (or I guess that would be this morning...ah well, whatever...). We had enough beans to can 38 and 1/2 quarts! Yeah!!


  1. 1:30 am and still made it to church fresh as a new rose; all 4 kids clean and smiling, enough to make any heart smile and i saw plenty smiling while you and your daddy played and whispered all during the preaching your devoted preacher husband was wringing out of his soul. well, as for me i enjoyed the fun you 2 were having AND darrens preaching at the same time. i do believe thats called multi-tasking. wheres the smilies when i need one?? on to the next blog this is pretty good if i may brag on my daughter. JUST like her_________??????

  2. you're so funny! i do enjoy sitting with daddy at church :) and we didn't play and whisper the *whole* time...did we?? :)