Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Revolutionary War Excitement

I began planning for a Revolutionary War unit study about 2 months ago. At the time, the kids didn't seem to be showing any interest - much to my dismay. I continued renewing the books at the library and drawing pages of weapons for them to learn about and color. I was beginning to lose hope and put up all my info till next year....but then....they saw the Dover Revolutionary War coloring books I had stowed away. Their interest had been sparked! They asked if they could just color one page... So, I pretended to huff slightly and say "Okay, just one." Today, we began reading about the events leading up to the war and a couple of the key individuals. Jacob has an extreme fascination for the frontiersmen and can't wait for me to make him an outfit! (Although I am much more handy with pens and paper aka scrapbooking, I will give it my best shot!) We'll have to try to fix Sarah up with a Molly Pitcher outfit...Lord knows she has the determination to follow in her footsteps :) Anyway, I am so excited that the kids are now eager to learn all about the events leading up to America becoming her own nation. I love unit studies and being able to delve as deeply into an area of interest as they want to go.

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