Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nibble, nibble little mouse....

We have never got around to making a gingerbread house.  That all changed this year.  I bought a kit at Wal-Mart,  and figured I'd step back and let the kids do the majority of the work/fun.  Malachi squeezed the icing out on the roof and the party began....for Isaac anyway :)  The more icing and candy that appeared, the faster his little fingers worked.  He had a toothpick and swiped the icing off the roof as quickly as they could smooth it down.  I found it all immensely entertaining.  They were trying to work together to get it accomplished, Isaac was eating as fast as he could, they were trying to get the candy on the house before it was all eaten (all the while wanting a bite for themselves), and Isaac pouting because he was made to stop licking icing off the roof.  It turned out beautiful!  Sarah even added a dancing gingerbread girl she had made a couple of nights before.

Working Together

Isaac's Contribution - A Finger Swipe - Yummy!

Almost Finished

No More Icing??

Why Can't I Have Any More???

The Finished Product - Complete with Dancing Gingerbread Girl  :)

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