Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marriage Tool

It has come to my attention since Christmas Day that Darren and I have found a most effective marriage tool.  We purchased a Wii for the kids for Christmas.  We have had a PlayStation 2 up until this point and although I do think the Lego games are adorable, nothing can touch the place in my heart that is especially for Mario Bros.  I remember that game with fondness from my youth....mainly because it was the only game I really "got".  I understood what was going on in Mario...you have levels to complete and then move forward.  Not like the aimless wandering that goes on in some games.  Anyway, along with the Wii, I decided to purchase the *ahem* ... KIDS the game Super Mario Bros.  It will be my downfall.  No longer do I anxiously await the kids' bedtime so I can read more deeply about Cleopatra...no more wishing the TV would disappear so the kids wouldn't be consumed with desiring some PlayStation action.  No - that's not how it is at all now.  As a matter of fact, Darren and I were up until almost 1 last night playing my ...I mean the kids' ...Mario game.  :D  Which is where the marriage tool comes in.  After playing a few levels, glaring at each other, blaming each other for losing a life - or not getting the fire-spit inducing mushroom - or falling off the cliff - or whatever misfortune befell us ...  it occurred to me that Mario is an excellent tool for learning to get along in the face of adversity.  And in the moment of victory, when you've beaten Bowser and Mario and Luigi are standing in triumph and you realize that you, as a couple, beat his socks off - together - you forgive one another for all the times the other made you make a mistake and you move along ....to continuance number 25.  :D   (Well, you mostly forgive each other.....  )

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  1. LOL! I'll have to have Don read this. Maybe it will inspire him to play with me. :)