Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This Day....

This day began at 12:00 am last night.  But then, y'all already knew that. What you don't know is what all this day has held since the clock struck that number.

As an aside, now that most clocks are digital, what phrase will take the place of "when the clock strikes midnight"?  That's so visually stimulating...  what does a digital clock do that can compete with that??   When the pixels flash midnight?  I don't know....seems lame.

So, my *intentions* were to sit up last night and work on the next unit study...which is a mini unit on teeth - per my 8 year old's request.  I also need to prepare for the next full unit study, which is yet to be determined...  Maybe atoms and molecules, but I have a third grader, so I don't know.  I'll have to see if it's too advanced.

ANYWAY, I got distracted folding clothes.  I only got distracted folding clothes to overcome my guilt for becoming distracted by a movie I began watching. At 1:30, I finally decide to go to bed.  I fall asleep and just reach the very fringes of REM and the nice paralysis that comes with it, and I'm awakened by the sound of incessant coughing.  Being mommy, I manually peel my eyelids back from my eyeballs, pick my legs up off the bed, set them on the floor, and stumble to the kids' rooms. I walk in to find Isaac sitting up in bed, red-faced, and mucus laden....the kind of laden that involves smears and bubbles. (you're welcome for the visual) After a quick hug and kiss (on the one dry spot on his head), I'm off to retrieve cough syrup.  As he is taking the syrup, he's suddenly seized with a massive coughing fit - while I'm in his face - meaning that the whole mouth full of medicine is now dripping off my nose ....and running into my eyes ... and sticking my eyelashes together.  Yeah, okay.  I'll just go get another dose for ya, baby.  He settles down...I'm back in bed.  Ahhhhh...finally.  Thirty minutes later, "MOOOOOOOOMMAAA!!" and his ear is hurting.  Oh well, sleep is overrated.  I mean, it only makes you think coherently, be able to remember things, keeps you relatively sane.....  who needs it?  So, I give up, go get a blanket and a pillow, and make myself (un)comfortable on the floor beside his bed.  And then the day dawns and I'm refreshed and ready to go....


I'm pretty excited to go outside and do farm chores, given the fact that it's raining so hard the puddles are holding umbrellas, but I venture out anyway.  I get up to the goat pen/feed shed and I see the door moving from the inside.  And I groaned because I *knew*.  There is this partition created by a wooden frame with wire inside it, that separates the goats' area from the little area where the feed barrels sit.  If the door is moving, that means the goats have somehow knocked that partition down and are with the barrels....well, technically, the barrels were with the goats, because they definitely weren't where they were supposed to be....the barrels NOR the goats.  So, I brace myself, open the door, and sure enough, there she stands triumphantly on the partition, looking very....well, triumphant.  The barrel that held the chicken feed is overturned and chicken feed is everywhere.  The empty barrel is overturned. Guess which barrel isn't overturned?  The goat feed barrel.  It's the only one they can't get open!  Hahahahahaa....  In the words of Mater (from Cars) "that's funny right thar"  So, after a few scathing remarks, which I'm sure hurt the goats deeply, I began cleaning up the mess.  When I finally got around to giving the goats the feed they had been so determined (albeit, in vain) to get to, turns out they weren't even hungry.  Little too much chicken feed, I presume.  Serves 'em right.

After that, the kids and I decided we had waited long enough for a Christmas tree and we were determined to go get one.  Malachi and I cut our own tree down one started out as one trunk and then separated into two... we only cut one side down.  This meant one side was completely bare, but turns out it was okay because we knew where to find matching limbs.  Hahaha...we cut one off and tied it on with twine.  This year, we thought we'd assimilate to normal behavior and just buy one...that had branches all around.   We all pack in the car and are off to find the perfect tree.  I only saw one place selling them...Food Lion...and the kids were just not having it.  "Mom...those trees aren't big enough."  I'm pretty easy to get along with....besides, it just so happens that the sky had opened up again and we were debating the whole affair in a monsoon.  So, I bought a grape Amp and figured we'd wait a day.  Instead, we went to Flick Video based on our recent knowledge that games are only 99 cents on Wednesday.  I had it in my mind that I wanted Just Dance 3....only when I get in there, I see the box in the new release section, but no game behind it.  Dang, I was so disappointed.  After some time though, I look at the box again, and there's a green label stuck to the front that says, "Take green box to front for game"...and I get all excited...and say, "Oh! look, Jacob! It says take green box....I can take this to the front and get it...they must do it different for new releases" and I'm all yippee skippee and excited....and Jacob gives me a look and says, "Mom... that box isn't's just the label."  Oh... yeah. I then to further his embarrassment, I snort laugh.

Oh, and Isaac watched Prep and Landing: Naughty or Nice the other night and since that time, asks me EVERY DAY, several times a day, "Mommy, am I on the naughty list?"
"No, baby."   (That's Mommy.  Guess I'll be buying my own gifts this year....but, what with the lack of sleep, if I purchase them early enough and wrap them, by Christmas I'll have forgotten what I got me. Cool, huh?)

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