Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Melt My Heart

Lest you should think for a moment that my children, although they are quite talkative and like little duckies behind me everywhere I go, do not make my heart melt and drip ....I'll share a little sumpin, sumpin with you.. my three year old Isaac....and his affection for his "love"....

"Mommy, you are the cutest girl I've ever seen....you're my love."
"You're my love, too, Isaac."
(After kissing my hand....) "I just married you...because I kissed your hand.  That means we'll be loves forever."
"We will sooo be loves forever."
"We're loves, aren't we, Mommy?"
"Yes, baby...you are Mommy's love."

Good heavens.  Does it get any sweeter than that????

And another thing...after choring today, I come in and Jacob says, "Mom, I poured you some ice water."
"For ME?"
"Yes, Mom, because when I come inside after being outside and hot, I want some ice water.  I thought you might want some."

Goodness.  Melt.My.Heart.

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